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Dentists have great technical skills as related to their profession. Most successful dental practice owners realize that they need a team of experts to run a profitable business. Some because of time constraints, some due to lack of expertise and some just coz the tasks are such a drain on energy. We have heard the last one regarding bookkeeping from many clients. Fortunately, there is OnTimeBooks. Everyone has superpowers. Yours is dentistry.

Our Superpowers are:


Bookkeeping is the task of putting business transactions into the correct buckets.


Analysis is the art of identifying heroes and villains in the story told by your financial statements.

Our superpowers are limited to dental practices. We work exclusively with dentists who are practice owners.

Our goal is to help owner dentists avoid Common Financial Pitfalls [DB1] of running a dental practice.

about us
Our service

What do we do?

We provide monthly bookkeeping services to dental practices. In addition to the basic financial reports (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, etc.), we provide reports that are specific to dental practice owners and profitability of dental practices.

We help dentists to make better business decisions and avoid Common Financial Pitfalls. These are based on our past experiences and benchmarking analysis

We also provide tax services to dentists to help increase their tax awareness and reduce taxes.

About the Founder

DJ Bhola, CPA, is the founder of OnTimeBooks.com. DJ Bhola is a licensed CPA in Texas. DJ Bhola CPA PC has been providing bookkeeping/advisory/tax services in Texas for over 9 years.

OnTimeBooks Is Not A CPA Firm.

Why the focus?

We wanted to help clients “make more money”. The only sensible way to do that for me seemed to learn ins and outs of one industry. To learn how revenue is generated and how it is spent. To understand norms of a business. To understand what leads to success and conversely failure.

Dental industry appeared to be a good fit.


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